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Looking for an attorney for annulment in Kansas City? Annulment is an alternative to divorce that declares a marriage void. This is a complex process, and the burden of proof is on the petitioner. In the state of Missouri, an annulment requires an overwhelming majority of evidence and proof that the marriage is voidable, and without this proof, the annulment is not granted. In this state, there are many cases where dissolution is the better option due to the difficulty of proving that annulment should be granted. Some of the various grounds upon which an annulment may be granted include but are not limited to the following:

  • If one of the spouses is under the age of 15 and judicial consent was not given at the time of marriage
  • If the marital parties are related to a degree
  • If one of the married spouses is already legally married to another individual
  • If one of the spouses lacked the mental capacity to make the decision due to various issues, including intoxication, insanity, and unconsciousness, among others
  • If one party consented under duress
  • Fraud, such as if one member lied about being sexually impotent, possessing a sexually transmitted disease, or another issue that is essential to the marital relationship

If you are seeking an annulment under any of these grounds, then you need to retain skilled representation of a Kansas City divorce lawyer to help pursue the outcome that you need. In addition, our firm can provide you with additional information and circumstances under which an annulment may be granted.

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