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Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce in Kansas City

Understanding Your Options in Missouri Divorces

You should know the differences between a contested and uncontested divorce if you are commencing or are in the midst of a divorce proceeding. These are two divorce options available in many states. Divorce is never an easy legal situation, no matter which type is pursued, but an uncontested divorce can be much smoother than one that is contested. Whether the individuals are separating in an amicable manner or the divorce proceedings will likely be full of contention, you may wish to choose your type of divorce accordingly.

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Helping You Prepare for the Future

Divorce can be a life changing event and should be handled in the correct manner because the decisions that are made can stay with you for many years. It is essential to place your trust in the hands of a lawyer from our firm if you are facing any family law issue. It is critical to know your rights and options to help ensure the best possible outcome to your case.

Contested and uncontested divorces have one primary difference that should be considered, which is whether court intervention is necessary for the negotiation of the agreement.

What Is Contested Divorce?

Need a lawyer for a contested divorce case in Kansas City? A contested case occurs if you and your spouse cannot agree on one or more topics of the divorce settlement. Some common topics that may cause disagreement include alimony, child support, custody of children, and the distribution of property. A judge can then take action to make the decisions without involvement from either party. Litigation is very involved within this type of divorce situation and can cause further emotional strain within the family. Your best option will be to enlist the legal services of a Kansas City contested divorce attorney from our firm.

Contesting a divorce can take longer and be very expensive, but it is often the best option. Often the divorcing couple may not desire to take the case to trial, but it can be in both parties’ best interest. Frequently, those with high net worth will require trial because they cannot agree on the terms of distribution of property on their own. Other cases that may require a contested divorce are those with minor children or complicated estates. When these important assets are at stake because of a divorce, you will need the legal assistance of The Reynolds Law Firm, LLC.

Overview of Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, both parties mutually agree on specific terms of the divorce, such as child custody, property distribution, and spousal support. The individuals involved in an uncontested divorce must be able to negotiate their divorce without taking it to court. After a divorce agreement has been reached, a formal agreement can be filed with the courts. A divorce decree can be established and the process can come to a close when this agreement has been approved.

During an uncontested divorce, you may not know what you are entitled to and will need legal assistance determining the matters involved in a divorce. It is essential to have legal counsel who can negotiate on your behalf and help you gain a solid understanding of the circumstances at hand. Many judges and couples prefer to settle the divorce out of court through an uncontested divorce.

If you are seeking a settlement that does not require extensive arguments and can come to an agreement on most divorce topics, contact The Reynolds Law Firm, LLC to speak with one of our lawyers today! Whether you are pursuing a contested or uncontested divorce, we can help you through your case. Serving clients throughout Missouri and Kansas. Call (816) 875-0557 to schedule a case evaluation.

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